Choosing the Right Dog Clothing For Your Dog

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Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by the appearance of dogs and dog clothing dates back to the time of the royal courts in Europe. As a result, many dogs have adorned themselves with beautiful garments. King Louis XI's dog, Cher Ami, wore a jewel-studded scarlet velvet collar. This collar was adorned with twenty pearls and eleven rubies. War dogs were also popular during the middle ages. Christopher Columbus and his Spanish conquistadors fought alongside their dogs, and these dogs were often used in atrocities.


You've probably seen cute dog hoodies or tee-shirts, but what about the rest of the apparel? If your dog clothing sweaters or suits, there are some fabrics that will protect them from cat claws and other nasty stuff. Here are some examples. A silky scarf, for example, may not be resistant to kitty claws, but it will keep your dog warm in winter. A durable cotton blend is another good option.

You'll also need to plan your budget for the materials. A yard of fabric is 36'' long. The width of the fabric determines how much material you'll need. Cottons and many other fabrics are 54 to 60 inches wide, while others are just 44 inches wide. Then, you'll need to replace the dog's clothes as they wear out and get dirty. You may want to consider designing and making your own dog clothes instead of buying expensive ones.


Sizes of dog clothing can vary dramatically, but generally speaking, a small will fit a dog of about 10 inches in height. Some brands have more than one size for dogs. Always consult your veterinarian for exact measurements. It's important to choose dog apparel according to the breed of your dog, not for looks. In addition, if you're shopping for clothing for a puppy, consider its size when deciding on a brand.

If you're buying a new sweater or raincoat, remember to measure your pet first. Even if it looks like you're wearing the same size as yours, a small sweater may be too small for a mastiff or a large whippet. A soft measuring tape will provide the most accurate measurements, but you can also use a flat ruler or string. Whatever the method, double check your measurements. Don't forget to check all seams, buttons, and zippers.


Unlike humans, dogs do not have fur coats, so the colors that they can wear depend on their genetic makeup. Colored coats are created from a combination of genes, or chromosomes, which control where and when pigments are produced. Some genes control where pigment is produced, while others tell cells to make eumelanin or phaeomelanin. These genes may also tell cells to produce no pigment at all, or to switch back and forth.

While some dogs are a solid color, most dogs come in a mixture of colors. These colors are known as a pattern. For example, a dog with a brown coat may have black spots scattered around the body. A black dog can also be a bicolor. A bicolored dog has two distinct colors. Examples of bicolor patterns are black and tan, or black and white. Border Collies and Rottweilers are two examples of dogs with white feet and black bodies.


Dog clothes come in all styles. Choose clothing that compliments your dog's appearance and personality. Not every dog will look great wearing a tiara or a motorcycle jacket. Some dogs enjoy dressing up, while others will not even try. Fashion isn't something you should force on your dog. Instead, choose dog clothing that your dog will actually enjoy wearing. A sweater can be a great way to dress up your dog without going overboard.

For cooler weather, a fleece jacket or hoodie can be an excellent option. If you want to dress your dog up in style, look for hoodies and sweatshirts made of stretchy material. Ponchos and shawls can be fun and festive. Doggie Diva sells these and many more styles at affordable prices. For the winter months, consider a lightweight fleece jacket. Ponchos and shawls are also popular styles of dog clothing.